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Multiple Environmental groups respond with a letter to Mayor Parker presenting their concerns over "One-bin-for-all". Read the letter HERE. 
Download and adapt to send your own personal letter should you share their concerns.

A current CoH "One-Bin-for-All" status update:


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At the May 2014 SN22 meeting we enjoyed a comprehensive review of METRO's newly released System Reimagining plan from Kurt Luhrsen, VP of Planning for METRO. Exciting changes are in store for more frequent service on Washington Ave. We encourage you to visit: Transitsystemreimagining.com to view the plan. METRO is eager for you to provide your feedback and input.

Dear Community Members: 

Thank you for supporting METRO's various planning activities, such as the 2011 Long Range Plan update, the METROLift Moving Forward meetings, and the System Reimagining planning process. As you know, the Transit System Reimagining Plan is a 5-year plan developed to better utilize METRO's current resources to operate its local bus system.  It also incorporates necessary changes to make best use of the three new light rail lines METRO is opening in 2013-2014.  The proposed plan vastly increases the extent of high-frequency service (a bus every 15 minutes or better, 15 hours a day, seven days-a-week) that creates a local bus network that is more useful to more people for more trips. 

After a year of work reviewing existing conditions, setting goals and objectives with METRO's Board, and soliciting input from Stakeholders, a Draft Reimagining Plan was developed and presented to our Stakeholder group on May 8, 2014.  Before any action is taken to adopt the plan, the community is being asked to comment on the plan and provide feedback to make it better.  Please join us for one of the 16 scheduled public workshops, the first of which is next Wednesday, May 28th at the Magnolia Multi-Service Center from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. For a complete list of dates and locations, please see the attached flyer.   

The entire System Reimagining plan is available to the public online at www.transitsystemreimagining.com. If you would like more details, all meeting materials and streaming videos of Stakeholder and Board Committee discussions are also available online.   Over the next few weeks, we need your help communicating the proposed plan and encouraging the public's feedback.  Please share plan details and information with your friends and neighbors using the attached flyer, or encouraging the use of the project website at www.transitsystemreimagining.com or METRO's website www.ridemetro.org.  If you need additional materials or you have comments or questions about the project, please email us at Reimagining@ridemetro.org.   


Kurt Luhrsen

Vice President, Planning

Metropolitan Transit Authority

“All garbage goes somewhere; it does not go away. So we must all take more responsibility to sort our discards into the proper bins,” says Robert Reed, a spokesperson for Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/recycling-you-may-be-doing-it-wrong-180951192/#ZBIeMFZus6ADTWwT.99Give the gift of Smithsonian magazine for only $12! http://bit.ly/1cGUiGvFollow us: @SmithsonianMag on Twitter
 An article in Smithonian covers advances in recycling technology and makes mention of CoH's proposed "One-bin-for-all".

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